Custom software development and web development company in India

Published: 10th April 2008
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Custom software Development and web Development Company and India has become synonymous to each other.

Though there are other countries in the world like China, Malaysia, Czech Republic and many more but India reserves the top slot in the forbes list of top ten countries for Outsourcing . Outsourcing offshore software development companies in India started much ahead of any other countries in the world and that has paid off today.

The question might arise that why to choose Custom Software Development and web development companies in India compared to other countries?

The answer is simple and straight Custom Software development services is not only cost effective in India but it has a value bound various advantages described as follows.

1. No need to hire Human Resource (HR) Team in your company: If you are hiring a custom software development and web development company in India, you don't need people in your company to manage the staff and hire the staff, that is the job of HR team, so virtually there is no need or a need of having a person or two in HR to take care of other non technical staff.

2. No Need of Project Manager: Offshore Software development and Web Development Company in India provides free services or cost effective services of project management as well. So you do not have to hire costly resources like Project managers or product managers. You can get it from your selected offshore software development company if you demand it.

3. No need to spend on reality space and overheads : The reality cost along with overheads are always higher in any county, but if you are using custom software and web development company in India, You are free to use any space in the world like your own home or small office. You don't need to spend on buying or renting a bigger space. Your home office with internet connection is enough to manage the offshore software development company team.

4. Save Overhead cost: Above all its cost saving on overheads if you are hiring offshore software development and web Development Company team in India. You are saving a cost of electricity consumption, Cooling or heating equipments, tea or coffee equipments, transportation cost of resources and lot more headache which is stopping you to think beyond boundaries and grow your business. The offshore software development team in India is taking care of all this on behalf of you.

5. High Quality Standards: The custom software development and web Development Company in India are now recognized by ISO 9001:2000 standards and CMMi. This shows the international standards recognition received by Custom software development companies in India

You should put your strategy in place now if you are planning for offshore software development in India, prices may shot up soon because of global inflation rates going higher every day.

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